A good fit can be moving.



Elegance and style combined with practicality and wit all the byword at the fashion house Meike Deter, Berlin. The allure of the collections is based on their feminine flair and attention to the finer details of tailoring.

Target Group

Our customer is a well-off woman in the age of roughly 30 to 50. She is active both physically and mentally. Her figure has matured into her own fine form. While some may speak of problem zones, our woman is proud of the individual curves which she knows how to use to her advantage. That is simply a matter of a certain confident walk and the right clothes. Heads turn ...

Subtle sex appeal is her motto, as well as a sense of humor, which she especially uses when she wants to stick out in a crowd. As a career woman she knows what the business world and various situations expect from her. But she still manages to go her own way. In business she prefers simple elegance sparked with little details. In her leisure time she dresses casually but jogging pants and sneakers are certainly not her thing. Even under such circumstances, a certain special something has to make itself felt. Evenings require something more extravagant. That is because she enjoys dressing well and she knows the importance of small differences.

She is not fond of short-lived trends. Her timeless, personal style cannot be pigeon-holed. Since she respects quality and is willing to pay a bit more for it, her wardrobe can accompany her season after season. Her taste is her own and following her own style, she manages to give each outfit her own personal touch. By avoiding trends, she becomes a one-woman trendsetter.

Technical Advances


Standard sizes never reflect more than the average – tailored clothes, on the other hand, are often an overly expensive luxury.

For the first time, our label offers a tailored fit at reasonable, off-the-shelf prices. Through the use of a state-of-the-art CAD system, our service provides half-sizes as well as extra-long or extra-short tailoring. With half-sizes, standard sizes are adapted to the special contours of each and every customer – without incurring the costs of tailored fitting.